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OUR PRODUCT is a Blockchain based turnkey farming solution that provides farmers with the ability to better manage their crops for the purpose of increasing productivity and reducing waste. Furthermore, the transparency of the data relating to the product lifecycle is very important to make available to supermarkets and consumers.

Dairy and meat farmers will have part of the solution dedicated to that specialisation.

The system is linked to the various agriculture information sources and meteorological providers for the purpose of providing sound advice to the farmers during the farming season.

THE SOLUTION consists of the following components,

  •     Software

  •     Computer Hardware

  •     IOT devices (e.g. Weather sensors, RFID, GPS devices, etc.)

Key features are:

  •     Easy to use

  •     Rugged in design

  •     Open technology

  •     Competitively priced IOT devices

  •     Produce independent

  •     Cloud based

Our solution has the ability to interface with supermarkets IT infrastructure to make the produce data available to whoever requires it.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) component advises the farmer on best the practices for growing certain products.

One of the key elements of the solution is that the offering is product independent (i.e. it caters for growing any produce the farmer is has, e.g. Lettuce, Parsnips, Potatoes, etc.).

Other services such as training and various on site installations are also available to farmers.

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